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Countries such as the US, China and Australia have made considerable advancements in energy storage. 他们并不孤单, as the benefits of energy storage have become an urgent focus for countries across the globe. 现在, countries in the Middle East and North 非洲 (中东和北非地区) region are making their own significant strides. By 罗希特库马尔,副主任,和 Gurleen考尔副, bet36体育开户.

Energy storage capacity installed throughout the world doubled between 2017 and 2018 to 9GWh, 根据S&P全球.

Worldwide expansion of intermittent 可再生能源 sources, 比如太阳能和风能, 随着能源存储系统(ess)可以被用于优化利用可再生能源的电力,电力存储系统已经处于全球扩张的边缘.

大规模的解决方案,如抽水水力发电存储和固定电池,以其一次吸收电力后再恢复的能力而闻名. 先进的电池存储选择越来越被吹捧为24/7低碳能源解决方案的答案,因为它们可以几乎瞬间平衡电力的供应和需求.


虽然他们的化石燃料储备长久以来备受关注, the countries of 中东和北非地区 are swiftly establishing themselves as global producers of clean, 可再生能源. As the use of 可再生能源 continues to grow in scale in future, demand for energy storage as a method of stabilising wind and solar generation in the grid will increase.

Because of this burgeoning and lucrative – yet limited – technology, 一些实体现在正在探索能源储存的巨大好处,以满足他们的电力需求,并提高各自电网的整体稳定性.

The following three factors contribute greatly to 中东和北非地区’s potential as an energy storage leader:

* 管理可再生能源供应的间歇性 也许, 能源存储系统最重要的驱动力是全球可再生能源使用量的大幅增长. 与世界接轨, countries in the 中东和北非地区 region plan to have 可再生能源 as a major portion of their generation mix in the near future.

例如, the UAE aims to generate 25% of its electricity from renewables by 2030; KSA has ambitions of adding 9.5千瓦到2023年, which is 10% of its energy mix; Qatar targets to achieve 2% of 可再生能源 contribution by 2022; Kuwait is determined to produce 15% of power demand from 可再生能源 sources by 2030; Bahrain has set a target of 5% renewables in the energy mix by 2025; Morocco plans to achieve 52% of its power generation from renewables; Egypt plans to increase the share of renewables to 20% by 2020 and 36% by 2030 and; Algeria plans to increase the supply of renewable electricity to 23% by 2030.

在中东和北非国家, 阳光和风充足的地方, renewable generation is entirely dependent upon the shining sun and the blowing wind, 产生不稳定和不可靠的能源供应. This intermittency has heightened the importance of energy storage throughout 中东和北非地区.

长时间的能量储存——太阳能加储存——可能会改变这些可再生系统在白天产生的能量, allowing the plant to provide electricity at peak times using stored electrical energy.

阿拉伯联合酋长国, 沙特阿拉伯, 和卡塔尔, 例如, 每个国家都受益于光伏技术的进步,并因此以具有竞争力的价格开发了公用事业规模的项目.

整个地区的, the widespread integration of 可再生能源 in the overall energy mix will fuel the need for electricity storage solutions. Global information provider IHS Markit predicts a total deployment of 1.到2025年达到8GW并网储能.

2017年在世界经济论坛上的演讲, 转型能源公司Environmena的首席执行官萨米·科莱比(Sami Khoreibi)认为,电池技术有可能使各国实现自给自足, 24小时发电的未来十年. 这种预测的影响是不可否认的.

* 网格的改进, 电网是一个庞大而复杂的系统, for which power supply and demand must be equal at any given moment. Balancing these components is essential for continuous power, and energy storage can play a critical role in this back-and-forth.

The starts and s前s of conventional and renewable power plants result in an increase/decrease of output known as the ramp rate. This is one of the factors that result in substantial uncertainties in the grid’s overall reliability. Grid-connected battery-based storage solutions can be implemented to bridge this gap and smooth out fluctuations.

* 成本竞争力。 近年来,可再生能源和适用的存储解决方案的价格都在稳步下降,而且应该会继续下降. 根据年代&P全球, solar battery costs dropped by 40% between 2017 and 2018.

中东和北非地区随时准备从中获益, thanks to the already low costs established throughout the region for PV-based power. 这为阿联酋等国打开了一扇大门——在阿联酋,电力的均衡成本(LCOE)不到每千瓦时3美分——在整合能源存储的同时,仍能以极具竞争力的价格提供电力.


中东最大的太阳能+储能项目, 费城太阳能, reached financial close on a 12MWh lithium-ion battery based energy storage project in Jordan in 2018. 该项目于2019年2月投入使用.

中东和北非地区’s first-ever project-financed energy storage system was announced in Jordan; the Ministry of Energy & Mineral Resources (MEMR) pre-qualified 23 bidders for a 30MW/60MWh standalone energy storage project. 计划于2020年5月完工, 该发电厂位于马安市的一个变电站,将用于负荷和可再生能源发电厂的匝道速率控制, shifting energy produced during off-peak hours to peak demand, 导致电网的整体稳定.


MEMR received proposals from 10 firms in January 2019 to develop an electrical storage project under a BOO framework. 以下是可能适用于本项目或其他以竞争方式投标的储能项目的主要挑战/风险.

* 技术和盈利能力 鉴于这项技术在该地区是新技术, the lenders will require detailed technical due diligence to be able to provide support to the preferred bidder.

如果发现承购方所要求的履约担保与整车厂所能提供的担保之间存在任何差距,则贷款人将会对银行的可行性感到担忧. 这是因为贷款人更喜欢项目文件下的义务与EPC/O合同相一致&M承包商.

* 培训新的EPC/ oem关于PPP框架 The OEMs may not be fully aware of or comfortable with the typical project finance framework.

* 〇预算费用 这取决于使用的类型, batteries may degrade faster or slower for the same amount of energy imported or exported. For developers agreeing to a fixed tariff for a 15-year tenor, 在不知道电池使用方式的情况下,预算更换成本/额外电池成本可能是一个挑战.

* 〇废弃电池 The cost of disposing of the batteries is high and the batteries must be responsibly disposed of, 遵守环保政策.

尽管约旦在可再生能源基础设施方面的做法已经并将继续成为整个中东和北非地区多个政府的模板, the concept of energy storage has been emerging in the region for quite some time.


Although the electricity storage market in 中东和北非地区 is currently in its infancy, 这种情况不太可能持续太久. 巨大的变化已经发生.

2018年,代表能源部 & 水(新)黎巴嫩, 黎巴嫩节能中心(LCEC)已收到来自75个财团的兴趣表达(EOIs),以开发3个具有电池储能的光伏太阳能发电厂.

These three solar farms will have a combined total capacity of 210MW–300MW and are expected to be on the grid by 2019. The minimum capacity of each plant will be 70MW, and the maximum 100MW. Regardless of the size of the proposed PV plant, the minimum battery energy storage will be 70MW.

自2015年起,阿布扎比水务 & 电力管理局(ADWEA)已经在全国配电网络的各个变电站的4MW或8MW系统中部署了大约120兆瓦的钠硫(NaS)高温电池, 电池储能系统(BESS.)

另外, DEWA is studying the idea of building a 400MW pumped-storage hydropower station in the Arabian Gulf that has a 2,500MWh storage capacity in an effort to diversify DEWA’s energy mix and enhance its energy storage technologies.

最近, 沙特公共投资基金与软银愿景基金签署《bet36体育平台》. 被誉为同类项目中最大的, the plan would seek to commission the kingdom’s first two solar farms by 2019, 配备3GW和4.2GW of solar capacity, and eventually integrate battery storage.

2018年初,卡塔尔环境与能源研究所(QEERI)与韩国财团Venergate Co Ltd签署了一项协议,以开发先进的电池技术,支持该国的大规模太阳能部署.


Given the scale of upcoming energy storage projects in the region, some pre-requisites to support the project finance framework for this technology may be:

* 与整车厂保持联系 The purpose of the project needs to be established with greater lucidity. 政府部门可以与原始设备制造商联系,以减少预期性能保证与原始设备制造商提供的保证之间的差距. OEMs need to put more time and effort to address the unique requirements of the PPP framework.

* 〇放宽贷款条件 DFIs支持该存储项目. Once the region successfully commissions two to three energy storage projects, 商业银行将愿意接受融资. 另外, 将这些储存项目归入可再生能源类别可能是有益的,因为出口信贷机构在可再生能源类别下的定价将具有竞争力.

额外的流动性总体上来自于DFIs, commercial banks and ECAs for these projects will reduce tariffs and support the growth of energy storage in the region.