Diving into Single-Serving Nootropics

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Diving into Single-Serving Nootropics


Nootropics are drugs or supplements which, when taken at the right dosage, can have an effect on the brain.

Nootropics are a subset of the possible external inputs with which you can ostensibly enhance cognitive function. Other inputs are oxygen, aspects of your environment, electrical stimulation (neurofeedback), sound, and light, amongst others. One of my favorite applications of several of the above inputs is the virtual reality experience created by Neuromore.

In the last few years, several single-service nootropics have hit the market. The average consumer can now sample from relatively cheap, standardized sources to see what works for them. Previously, you would either have had to order one supplement in bulk, get a prescription, or subscribe to 30- or 90-day supply of a given compound.


Natural nootropics:

  • Cacao flavonols (found in pure chocolate)
    • PubMed: Cacao effective in preventing amyloid plaque buildup (Alzheimer's disease)
    • Theobromine increased mood and mental alertness
  • L-theanine (amino acid found in green tea)
    • PubMed: "Data indicate that L-theanine, at realistic dietary levels, has a significant effect on the general state of mental alertness."
  • L-theanine + caffeine
    • PubMed: Combination increased "alertness and attentional switching accuracy"


Derived nootropics:

  • Piracetam
    • improves working memory and learning by increasing blood flow to the brain
  • Oxiracetam
    • faster-acting derivative of Piracetam

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Is it worth giving them the ol' college try?

Nootrobox"Everything in RISE, SPRINT, and YAWN is either GRAS (generally regarded as safe) and/or acceptable as a dietary supplement compound by the FDA." 


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