$5.22 Kickass Orange 'Quash

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$5.22 Kickass Orange 'Quash

For just over $5, you get four delectable servings of Orange 'Quash.
  • 1 sweet potato
  • 8 tbsp of unsalted grass-fed butter
  • .5 butternut squash gourd
  • a handful of organic carrots
  • a haberdashery of turmeric and himalayan salt


  • 34g fiber
  • 1300 calories
  • Vitamin A and C for dayz

1. Cut the carrots cutely, as such. Toss the carrots into a pot of water and begin to boil.

2. Cut the 'quash in half. Peel the quash, and then get to cutting again. Notice the shape, texture, and what some naturalists call the "Golden Rash." Into the pot goes the 'quash.

3. Using a knife, shard the sweet potato. Toss it into the pot.


4. With a fork, poke into the boiling water until 4 objects in a row are easily pierced. When all is soft enough to mash, drain. Put everything back in the pot, and add the 8 tbsp. of butter. Go crazy with turmeric and salt.


5. Mash.

6. If you're into it, add extra stuff like more salt, bacon, shredded tax documents... it's up to you. If you want to show off just how much Orange 'Quash you just made, scoop it onto a plate like so.

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