Biohacking Culture + Investing in Biohacking

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Biohacking Culture + Investing in Biohacking

Biohacking culture is singularly unique. At the level of the single-celled individual, N+1 is all that matters. What works for you works for you.

At you zoom out, and the culture grows, there is a huge reliance on thought leaders. Testimonials matter. Measurements matter. But ultimately, all that matters is what Ben Greenfield talks about on his podcast or Dave Asprey spreads via Facebook. :)

The big names have moved toward commercialization. Bulletproof has coffee, human upgrade labs, coaching, neurofeedback centers, and supplements. Ben G. is moving into nutritional coaching education and supplements through Kion.

Affiliate payouts are good, but to retire a biohacker you have to learn to monetize.

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In the pumped-up world of value over vacuousness, the challenge will be for these information aggregators and experimenters to become successful business people.

They’ll have to manage. People, resources, cash. They’ll have to make timely decisions to gain marketshare. And they’ll have to do this all while maintaining their brand identity as one that shares relevant info above all else.

As with any business, they’ll need money and they’ll need management. Processes. Licenses. Wicked smart people.

The saving grace of biohacking, aside from it’s ever-forward march toward progress, is that if you’re doing it right, you're increasing your physical capacity to learn and make decisions.

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