SoCal Local Box // January 2017 // Unlocking our Foodshed

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SoCal Local Box // January 2017 // Unlocking our Foodshed

Welcome to the Localist Club! Every month we send out a box with a selection of nutrition dense snacks, wellness products, and art... all sourced from Los Angeles and the surrounding area. 


The January 2017 box was a mix of creative and healthy products from farmers' market stands + fresh inventory from some of the most ingenious companies in the area.

ChocoVivo | Website | Instagram

A Culver City not-so-hidden gem. Patricia pumps out new products constantly, but that isn’t to say that ChocoVivo’s base offerings of 50 shades of dark chocolate aren’t incredibly satisfying already.

Club notes: I asked Patricia to give me a unique flavor from her inventory of chocolate bars. After a short discussion, we realized that all of her flavors are unique! 

Wildeflowers | Website | Instagram

Formulated tonics billed as “wildcrafted herbal extracts and energizing superfoods.”

Club notes: Mixes well with water or nut milk. I’ve blended these packets every which way, including coffee with grass-fed local butter. 

Peads and Barnetts | Website | Instagram

Pastured pork soap; flower petals from the same farm ensconced. Located in San Diego county.

Trubrain | Buy More | Instagram

Single-serving nootropics crafted by UCLA professor Dr. Andrew Hill from Peak Brain Institute.

Club notes: TruBrain helps me with verbal fluency and my ability to sit through meetings. 

LSG Honey | Website | Instagram

Honey harvested by a hard-working father/daughter team, and, of course, a tribe of bees.

Club notes: The honey sticks I selected are flavored by the flora the bees pollinated.

Russell Family Farms | Amazing Backstory

Macadamia nut in all its best form. Russell’s sells them in bits, whole, or as flour!

Club notes: Macadamias are a rich source of Vitamin A and iron, and include a moderate amount of polyphenols and amino acids.

Capricorn Press | Website | Instagram

A collection of art prints based in Highland Park, Los Angeles.

Club notes: All month I’ve had my eye out for a postcard or picture that encapsulated the liquidity of the Los Angeles lifestyle. Found at Smorgasburg in downtown LA / DTLA.

Peacock Family Farms

Nuts, nuts, nuts! Right in the middle of the Santa Monica Market.

Club notes: I couldn’t say no to sharing a trail mix with persimmons in it.

It Began in the Garden

Garden-grown herbs, spices, jellies. Right in the middle of the Santa Monica Market.

Club notes: The stevia has a light and sweet aftertaste. Just a few flakes can overhaul your meal or snack for the better.  

10% Discount: Ten Women Gallery

Collectables, gifts, and accouterments extraordinaire. Located on Main St. in Santa Monica.

Business Card: Will Leather Goods

Leather bags, belts, and everything else under the sun.

Pro tip: there is a coffee bar in the back :)

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