A Journey to Longevity and Local

You cannot create sustained change in your life without appealing to and designing around your core values. My values are adventure, challenge, reciprocity, caring, and longevity. Knowing these values allows me to sprint toward a future in which local citizens embrace each other for their differences and ingenuities.

And that's me in a nutrient dense nutshell.

My weight loss story.

Wesley is a certified Bulletproof Coach. He is an entree-preneur and burgeoning futurist.

He owns B9* Innovations, which focuses on discovering (or creating) products and insight to change life on this planet for the better.

Power Hour Snacks sources and distributes snacks that aim to make anyone feel fantastic. From Paleo-friendly quick bites to focus boosting nootropics, any Power Hour product will help you Sprint through your Day.

The Localist Club is a local only subscription box and so much more. The club also offers monthly meetups (currently in LA) to highlight new local brands and help you connect to local makers of snacks, art, and healthful living practices.

Greenline - formerly known as Local1st - is a graph database and map between farms, restaurants, and diners. Greenline will impact the world through thoughtfully sourced eating.

Real Food Spark is a podcast (on pause) that aims to educate, inspire, and empower people to create and support real food businesses. We (Bryan, Kendra, Wesley) do this by interviewing real food practitioners and discussing topics and issues relevant to the real food community. 

*B9 Innovations:

  • Benign
  • Be Kindpassionate
  • Be Relentless
  • Be Quester
  • Be Convincing and Confusing
  • Be the Last to Leave
  • Be the Other Shoe
  • Be a Treasure Box
  • Be Yourself